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We distinguish between three types of Paths/Routes.

Path/Route TypeDescription

Main Paths

Create a main path for Grinding or Gatherning. The engine of your profile.

Connection Paths

With Connection Paths you can connect different main paths or use them as a "Walk-Through".

Additional Routes

Vendor, Trainer, Flight and all other additional routes are attached to main or connection paths. They are triggered/started as soon as one of your predefined conditions applies.

Please note!

Ghost routes are the only routes whose direction is not "away" from the path but "towards" them (Graveyard -> Path).

Create a Ghost Route

  • Place your character at a graveyard near your route and open the recorder by clicking Create Path.

Depending on the location and route, several graveyards may be possible spawn points. Let your character die on your route to spawn at the next graveyard.

  • Run your Ghost route to any point on your path. Click Save and select Ghost. Click Save again to assign the Ghost route to your path.

If there are multiple ghost routes, Grinder will always select the ghost route closest to the graveyard spawn point.

Create a Vendor Route

  • Place your character near your path and open the recorder with a click on Create Path.

  • Click Start and run to the desired vendor.

  • Once at the vendor, click Save and select Vendor.

Grinder now wants to know some details about this vendor. If you haven't selected the vendor yet, Grinder will show you this in the upper part of your store menu.

Using the various checkboxes, you can specify under which conditions a trip to the vendor is required.



As soon as your bags are full.


As soon as one or more equipped items have less than 20% armor.


For purchasing predefined items via the Restock List. (More about this below).

Is in a building

The first coordinate on the way back is targeted exactly before Grinder starts his way back.

  • If you are not sure, leave it at the default settings.

  • Click on Save to save your vendor route.

Paths that contain at least one vendor route will show you a small icon under your Grinder icon. By clicking on it, Grinder will go to the nearest vendor route. (Grinder must be started).

Regardless of your specifications, any vendor will sell and repair if necessary/possible.

Flight, Hearthstone, Ship-Routes and more...

You know one, you know them all...

The procedure for creating other additional routes is almost the same as creating a vendor route. All required information (text boxes, selection fields) are provided with tooltips and explain their function in short form. Move the mouse over the respective field to display the tooltip.

If something is forgotten, Grinder will inform you about it. All paths and routes can also be edited later.

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