๐ŸงนClean Up

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Grinder is pixel based and works with the original color scheme. Some addons influence this color scheme. Therefore, we will ensure that this does not happen.

No worries! Your configuration remains intact.

  • Close your WoW client(s).

  • Navigate to your WoW folder and select the folder of the game you want to use for Grinder.

The folder structure is always the same for each game.

The game folders look like this: `_classic_` `_classic_era_` `_retail_`

  • For example, open your `_classic_` folder.

  • Delete the /Cache folder.

  • Open the /WTF folder and delete everything in it except your Config.wtf.

  • Now navigate to the /Interface/AddOns folder and delete all addons except your Grinder addon.

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